There is no formal education for how to get strong.

I mean get strong in every sense of the word. So few of us learn how to develop physical, mental and emotional strength in a dedicated way.

For women, being strong was once frowned upon. For some, these stereotypes still exist.

I still hear strong, capable women tell me they don't want to gain more muscle because they don’t want to be bulky. I see competent women holding back from speaking at conferences. I have personally struggled with finding confidence and believing in myself.

And yet, strength is vital to success.

A strong body supports you. A strong mind enables you. Strength is freedom from the inevitable adversity we all navigate. To get stronger, we must train in the gym, in our minds, in our relationships, and in the workplace.

Yet, how many people actually know how to train for strength? How many people walk into a gym and don't know what to do? Or take a fitness class and expect to look the teacher... who actually trains very differently in her own life? How much bullshit advice is there on how to lose weight or how to eat healthy? Where do you go to learn how to negotiate for what you want? How do you learn how to deal with frustration and not let it stop you from advancing?

I've found that physical strength leads to personal and professional strength, probably because to succeed in building muscle you have to develop courage, discipline, sacrifice and a growth mindset. There is a virtuous circle that can exist as we gain strength on the inside and on the outside.

That is what I write about at The Pleasant Box: the pursuit of physical, personal and professional strength.